Preschool Art Class

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Instructor: Adina Smith

Day/Time: Tuesdays, 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Tuition: $210 for 8 weeks

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A’Dina was born in Laguna Beach, California but has lived most of her life in Dallas.  She started pursuing art at a young age and it quickly became a passion she couldn’t ignore.  Her artwork is largely inspired by the colors and textures she experiences in the natural world.  She captures this feeling of wonder and excitement and conveys this through imagery on the canvas.

Adina is married and has two children.  She works out of her home selling, commissioning and donating paintings to various schools and charities.  Her art is always changing and she loves to do new things with texture and color. She has taught pre-school and loves working with children of all ages.

“My hope for this class is that the children will grow, learn and be inspired by artistic expression…I want them to have fun, getting lost in their own world where they can explore their own individual and unique creativity…who knows, they might even paint the next masterpiece!”

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